Things I have learned today

I’m steadily working my way through Gerald Bray’s Church History lectures at – I’m now into Church History 2 and am somewhere around the 13th century I think (there are no titles, unlike Church History 1).
These are very amusing (as well as hopefully being quite reliable… although my houseguest did query the opinions presented on the formation of Roman military groups – but then that is something she covers in her PhD).
Things I remember from listening today:
– The French have difficulty in saying Zwingli (go on, try saying Zwingli with a French accent).
– There once was a man, Lombard who wrote some books in Latin which included consideration of such matters as “Did Adam have a navel?” and “How many angels could fit on the head of a pin?”. Both of which are not as frivolous as they may seem (it would appear) as the former is an easy entry point into creation/evolution (insofar as mediaeval thinking had progressed), and the latter an easy entry point into understanding the intersection between the world spiritual and the world material.
It was also put forward that the reason there were seven sacraments in mediaeval Catholic theology was that seven is the perfect number (Revelation maths again!) – which makes my birthday the perfect day in the perfect month – but I digress, – but that you could only acquire six in this lifetime – as Marriage and Holy Orders are mutually exclusive. All quite interesting.
As I was turning back into my driveway I caught a snippet noting the origin of the phrase ‘hocus pocus’ which delighted me (for it is HP tomorrow night!) but I will have to listen again, as I didn’t hear everything.