Boys to Men (5) Genesis 41v46-42v38

1) Problem – famine and family
2) God’s King – saves the world from famine, saves his borthers from themselves
3) Beginnings

3 chapters of Boys Own adventures with Joseph. Now going back to the story of the family. Ch 41v51 Jospeh has forgotten the hardship – hence naming his son ‘Manasseh’.
Beginning and end of ch42. tell us everything we need to know about this family.
v36 reveals Jacob’s dark suspicions about his family. Parallels – losing Joseph before/losing money now. Leaving Simeon, leaving money.
Bit of a distorted car crash of a family.
How little does Joseph trust his sons?
How could the promise of killing his grandsons make Grampy happy? What a family!
Being Pharoah’s #2 is not like being John Prescott. There are chariots and the royal signet ring – (cf Ch.35 – kings shall come from your own body).
v9 – Joseph remembered the dreams – the promise and not the pit and prison. Joseph puts together an audacious plan to find out if all the family is still alive as Benjamin isn’t there.
Not honest men yet, but have recognised that they are in God’s hand.