Practical Religion – J.C.Ryle

I have been steadily working my way through this book and would recommend to all to read. Ryle is so wonderfully clear and challenging in all that he writes.
Practical Religion is a collection of papers sub-titled “Being Plain Papers on the Daily Duties, Experience, Dangers, and Privileges of Professing Christians” and covers twenty-one topics in only 495 pages(!).It is available on-line here and no doubt elsewhere.
The papers on Self-Inquiry, Self-Exertion, Prayer and Bible-Reading are all quite remarkable, but unfortunately I wasn’t taking particularly good notes at that stage, so will start my notes with “Zeal”.
On a side note, I was very pleased to see the quote below in the paper on Happiness (my emboldening)”There is far too much lazy sitting by the fire nursing our own spiritual diseases, and croaking over the state of our own hearts. Up; and be useful in your day and generation