recap/update – 29 May onwards

Tuesday – being a young lady who occasionally learns from her mistakes, I had booked this day off work well in advance (knowing that after church weekends away, I usually need to sleep) so set about trying to fix my wireless network (I couldn’t – so back onto wired access). I then thought I would try and top up the coolant in the car as the engine was running a little hot on the way back from Chesham – however, I couldn’t get the top off (and in retrospect, may not have been the coolant lid – note to self – must learn how to maintain car), so decided just to take it to the garage and get them to do it at the same time as fixing the clutch/gearbox. Unfortunately when I tried to start the car nothing happened. Somewhat concerning as I only had the battery replaced a month ago. A second attempt succeeded (just about) – but the engine sounded wrong (I can usually tell whether engines are OK from their music – I used to be able to tell different tractors apart). I took it over to the garage but they couldn’t do anything until Tuesday of this week (and that’s another story entirely). It was all going horribly wrong as I was feeling really quite unwell.

Anyway – I worked out how to get to Bethnal Green for dinner via public transport and then had a very illuminating evening, the details of which I am not going to post here, dear reader, because some things ought to remain at least semi-private. Suffice to say that a dear friend (henceforth known as MGS) made a delightfully phrased request and served to render me speechless (or at least happily incoherent) for a short while afterwards. Weds-Friday passed in some kind of blur (much to the amusement of my colleagues). Saturday was reassuring. Sunday was predictable, but not as bad as I had feared. Sunday evening my powers of concentration returned (Praise the Lord!) and I was actually able to do some work, rather than pottering around with a stupid grin on my face, blushing whenever anyone raised a certain topic.

And so another week began.