Recap/update – Church Family Weekend Away

Friday 25 – Monday 28 May Church Family Weekend Away at Latimer (i.e. five days of being fed Initial Style conference food in one week – eek!). Excellent talks on Exodus by NS, 15 minute slots with some of the Mission Partners currently linked to Belgium, Japan, the East End, Nigeria and ‘South Asia’ as well as one with one half of JohnLiz (who are not, thankfully, off to Burundi).
I got to play with all the money which was much fun (I like to number all the cheques on the back so that I can put them into numerical order – sigh), and was very helpful in getting to know different members of church a bit better. Having the weekend away over three days was very relaxing – it felt more like the church family away on holiday than the usual moderately intense weekend aways. Entertainment on the Saturday evening was most amusing (“Wait Till I Get You Home”) – children of some of the more prominent members of the church family were interviewed and filmed, and then the parents were required to guess their answers to important questions like:
What does Daddy do that really annoys Mummy?
What does Daddy do that is funny?
What does Daddy do when he wants to be romantic?
How long does Daddy take to write his talks…. (answers ranged from 30 years to 3 hours, with the classic line of the evening being …’he’s quite bad at writing sermons’).
Really useful conversations with members of the church family around the dinner table – how we can be more welcoming and encourage integration between different ‘groups’ within the Sunday morning service/across both services; how to encourage one another to be partners in gospel ministry. Just such joy to have time to discuss these things.
Drove home at a reasonable hour of the afternoon on Monday and played ‘spot the church’ on the way back. I drove back via Hornsey (for LL) and Wapping (for the Venerable Doctor) – we saw an evangelical church, Greek Orthodox, Catholic – all kinds of churches, but the first Anglican church we saw was St.Leonards Shoreditch. Hmm.
Then to Westferry to see my colleague’s new flat. Then to Baby Gap to buy some presents for other colleague’s newborn – RJM. Then to Charlton to go and see said baby. Cue lots of contented sitting round passing the baby – bumped into M(C)B on the way to KEM’s house – had somehow forgotten that they knew one another. Then back to the flat.