Cars, money …. priorities?

Every year MotorExpo comes to Canary Wharf. This means that I get to walk past lots of lovely, shiny cars on the way into the office. My favourite area is usually the Aston Martin stand (yes, yes, it’s the Bond thing). Walking by the stand this morning the DB9 Volante caught my eye. ‘Shiny’, I thought.
I found out later on that this car costs just over £100,000.
For a car.
That’s more than my sister’s house cost.
That’s about 50 times what my car cost.
More significantly – that would be just over 100 mini-libraries for Chinese pastors, 400 sets of Sunday school materials, or 50,000 Chinese Bibles.

That rather puts it into context. Of course the question is – when I save money through e.g. supermarket offers, the wonder of Ebay etc. – what do I do with the money I have saved?