ApolutrOsis (Redemption)

Somehow even more beautiful in the Greek than in the English (when I saw it in the list I thought apo = from, lutr = don’t really know, but probably something to do with luO = to unbind/unloose, osis = thingy-ness – a bit like adding -keit onto the end of a stem in German – anyway, skipped over to the English column and saw it was redemption, and had a little sigh of happiness).
V.pleased that have now reached the end of the lists of frequently used words in Metzger and have instead moved on to ‘roots’ – i.e. where words with a similar root are grouped together. My brain works much better that way.
Tired. 20 mins more on the report writing (I hate Powerpoint!) then to bed, then up early to finish report for 9am tomorrow.