Verses I would like to be able to read in Hebrew

My wonderful brother has bought me “Introduction to Biblical Hebrew” by Dobson, which was on my Amazon Wishlist, so not entirely a surprise, but I never thought that he would buy it for me. (That said, he did say to F last weekend that the present he had bought me was very D—ish, so perhaps not that much of a surprise).
Anyhow – this prompts me to write a small list of verses which I am looking forward to being able to read in the original:

.Judges 14:14 which I heard on my MP3 player walking to the bus recently (shuffle function does produce some odd playlists … I think Judges may have been followed by the Pet Shop Boys or similar….). I’m intrigued by what the underlying Hebrew says, given that it has been translated into English as quite a good riddle/rhyme.

Genesis 49:19. The footnote notes that ‘Gad’ sounds like the Hebrew for ‘raid’, which must make this verse a bit of a Hebrew tongue-twister