Google Reader saves me lots of time

I now have a good selection of blogs to which I subscribe via the RSS feeder (at least, I think that that is what it is) at Google Reader (

Some interesting articles picked up recently:

The consistently entertaining and educational David Field on singing Psalms (well, referencing through to another blog).

Again, David Field on wages and support of Christian workers which I thought was useful in bringing together the various relevant passages in the Bible, and in outlining some of the considerations in applying these passages.

What it means to be ‘salt’ on the blog of a friend’s husband.

Doug Wilson’s blog contains a strand named ‘Chrestomathy’ which is currently looking at public prayer. I’m enjoying this strand generally, but I particularly liked this one because of the phrase (as an example of how not to do it) ‘And dear Lord, You know that the Greek verb in verse seventeen is the aorist tense . . .'”