Kidz Klub Bradford

Just a quick plug for Kidz Klub in Bradford where a dear friend of mine works.
It is based on a model developed in the States known as ‘Metro Ministries’ by(quoting now):
providing a large scale, high quality weekly event that can be enjoyed by all children;
nurturing a sense of worth, hope and aspiration through creating a safe and secure environment;
empowering children to make informed lifestyle choices through a programe of dynamic, relevant and age-appropriate educational material, through explanation of some practical, biblical principles that will help children to grow and become good, responsible and productive people; and
modelling compassionate citizenship to the children, their families and neighbourhoods through a progam of regular, systematic, long-term home visits.

Motivated by the believe that the offer of hope and regeneration offered through Jesus Christ can have a positive influence on our city and the individual children who live there.