PSLinky…. Psalm 32

Notes from Summerlink: Songs of the Heart

Whatever happened to sin?
– A search for self-esteem?
– A war on guilt?
– A nation of victims?
but … a longing for happiness!

1) True Happiness – Forgiven Failure.
32vv1-2, 11
Who are we tempted to envy?
3 words for ‘sin’
3 words for ‘salvation’
We need God more than we know.

2) True Horror – ‘Secret’ Sin
The agony – silence
David is a case in point
Reasons for our reticence

Silence is golden? SILENCE KILLS!

Questions for Discussion

1) In what ways do we try to hide our sin and guilt? How do society and the church often aid such thinking and behaviour?

2) What consequences have you seen in individuals when they have tried to deny their sin? What consequences do we see in society when people try to ignore the reality of sin?

True Hope – Coming Clean

The answer – speaking
The bitter pill?
The best-kept secret?

The assurance – security
Safety from judgement
Surrounded by love

What about us?
Willing to be taught?
Needing to be compelled?

Questions for Personal Reflection
1) In what ways do you deny or cover up your sin? What have been the consequences in your life?
2) Why do you think you deny or hide your sin? What misunderstanding of the gospel does it suggest?