Bank Holiday Weekend

Busy day today. To the doctors first, where I was very pleasantly surprised (i.e. nice, competent doctor!): malaria prescription now corrected, and everything else dealt with very efficienctly.

Spoke to Feeble last night about Uganda plans (mental note that I need to buy a mosinet, and another SD memory card for my camera and find some long-sleeved tops, and find my waterproof jacket, work out whether I can get Ugandan schillings in this country, get some US dollars).

Brief overview of the Uganda trip (now only three weeks away – 12-13 days of work left – eek!):

Sat 15 – up to Manchester
Sun 16 – travel to Uganda: Manchester to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Entebbe, Entebbe to Kampala.
then (and I don’t have all the details – Feeble has them):
From Kampala to Kabale – about 6 hours on a bus / the post bus (yes, the bus with the post – I really want to get the post bus).
Staying in the White Horse Inn in Kabale for a day or so before going down to Kamuronko where Fi lived when she was in Uganda on her gap year. Then we meet Benon and Judith and Trust and Brave and Blessing and Peace and Joy (I think that that is all the kids – I may have added some?? not really sure about Peace – but there are *lots* of children). Then back to Kabale.
Then up to Lake Bunyonyi and staying on an island in the middle of the lake. Apparently the lake is bilharzia-free and Feeble promises me no crocodiles. I say that there are still snails and I will not be swimming in it. Euch!
From Lake Bunyonyi back up to Kampala and then out for a short 2-3 day trip to Murchison Falls National Park – waterfalls (clue is in the title) and safari. Apparently there will be lots of hippos and maybe some lions and lots of lovely birds.
Hopefully I will take some decent photos, but thankfully Feeble will be taking her new digital camera, so I shall probably appropriate some of hers. 😉
Then I fly back on 29 September, and have got 1 October off to recuperate and get back to normal.