Granny’s Pizza

Feeble has supplied her twist on Granny’s Pizza …. as follows (distinctly un-Italian):

1 portion of pizza dough from bread machine (or batch of bread made from ‘just add water’ packet) – preferably wholemeal/brown.
2 tins of chopped tomatos
tomato puree
tablespoon of black treacle
dessertspoon of sugar
dried/fresh herbs (mixed or just basil)
1 large chopped onion
tablespoon of olive oil
pizza toppings of your choice (I suggest bacon, plus or minus pineapple)
plenty of grated cheese (again your choice, or mixture of two or three)

make pizza dough, leave to rise.

in the meantime get a large frying pan and heat the olive oil before adding the onions.
Stir and heat until softened and beginning to turn brown.
Add both tins of tomatoes and a liberal squirt of tomato puree. stir.
add treacle and sugar. stir.
simmer down into thick sauce.
Add herbs.

cook bacon/prepare toppings separately as necessary.

beat dough back and stretch to fill a suitable tray (I suggest a 10-12″ round aerated pizza cooking tray). leave to rise. To ensure a nice crispy base at the end of cooking, make sure the dough is as thin as possibly, especialy centrally, with a thicker crust around the edges.

Once ready, spread a thick layer of the tomato mixture over the base, and then the chosen toppings and then the chesse (more toppings on top as you see fit).

Place in oven and cook at gas 7/220C/425F for 15-20 minutes until the crust is browned and the cheese is beginning to go crispy and brown. Serve.

The main thing with this is that you can throw what you like on it and make it your own. It is nice hot or cold. The tomato sauce is an easy and cheap one to make, but the treacle adds a little more richness than normal sauces. Sundried tomatos add even more flavour. Making this reminds me of farmhouse teas at Granny’s and is a good filling, comfort-type food.