Last minute faffing

It came to me, in passing, that today is the first anniversary (I think) of moving into the flat. It has gone rather quickly.

This morning started with a reminder from Feeble to take my doxycycline… which then prompted the realisation that I had been given capsules rather than dispersible tablets (not a good thing)… so, off to Sainsburys to plead with the pharmacists to give me different drugs. 20 now, will need to pick up another 30 on my return from Uganda.

Then, searching through the house to find my train/plane tickets to get me to and from Manchester.

Photocopying of passport, debit card details and itinerary. Baking of bread. Preparing to make cake. Washing of bed linen. Turning of mattress.

Some might say that I was putting off the actual packing.

I think that I’ve got the book list narrowed down – really I should only take 2-3 books, but (as usual) I can’t narrow it down. The Bible, obviously, and my print out of Judges so that I can do some prep while on holiday. The shortlist for other books is as follows: Knowing God (Packer), Amongst God’s Giants (Packer again), Desiring God / The Pleasures of God (Piper), How to Win Any Argument (logic book by Madsen Pirie), and perhaps a Judges commentary. On the other hand – I’m taking a set of sermons on Judges on my mp3, so perhaps could leave the commentary until I get home? I need to scribble all over my print outs of Judges before I actually read a commentary anyway. Perhaps yes, commentary to stay at home.

Oh, blogging probably counts as procrastination as well, doesn’t it?