Total Church: Why Gospel?

‘Churches can also polarize beween intellectualism (what you think is what matters) or emotionalism (what you feel is what matters). In some churches issues of the hear and emotions have become functionally asent. We acknowledge their importance, but they feature little in our lives. Some of us just do not like to talk bout our relationship with the Lord in emotive terms. But we need look no further than the Psalms to see how important emotion is in true faith.’ (p29)

To sum up
The gospel is a word so the churhc must be word-centred (p31)
The gospel is a missionary word so the church must be mission-centred (p32)

‘So being gospel-centred means being both word-centred and being mission-centred. The church exists both through the gospel and for the gospel.'(p32)

‘We sometimes ask people to imagine they are part to imagine they are part of a church planting team in a cross-cultural situation in some other part of the world: What criteria would you use to decide where to live? How would you approch secular employment? What standard of living would you expect as pioneer missionaries? What would you spend your time doing? What opportunities would you be looking for? What would your prayers be like? What would you be trying to do with your new friends? What kind of team would you want around you? How would you conduct your meetings together?
We find it easier to be radical in our thinking when we transplant ourselves outside our current situation. But we are as much missionaries here and now as we would be if we were part of a cross-cultural team in another part of the world. Mission is central to us whereever we are. These are the kind of questions we should be asking wherever we are