A good, if a little stressful weekend.
Friday evening started with steak and oysters and shopping for Saturday dinner in Waitrose. Steak was beautiful (rare for me, blue for T). Oysters were a new experience and although not unpleasant, not sure that I will be repeating soon (quite faffy to eat).
Saturday started with 10 hours sleep (bliss!) then bacon sandwich and into town to Westminster to join the rally to mark the 40th Anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act. Quite disturbing to see how few people were there – only c.300. Given the number of big churches in London alone, there should have been many, many more. Need to think about how to raise profile amongst the people I know. It takes so little time to write to an MP, sign a petition etc.
Back from Westminster to the flat to start making cheesecake (see separate post for recipe) and T starting to prepare the lasagne. All going v.well until about half six when momentary lapse in concentration led to a nasty deep cut in a finger, a call to my sister which determined that I did need to take T to A+E. We diverted dinner guests to a nearby pub, as they hadn’t yet arrived. A+E was actually very good: they
have a minor injuries unit, so only took an hour to sort T’s finger out and then we were back home by half eight to welcome guests and enjoy the rest of the evening.
Sunday – up on time for church and for breakfast before church, but then decided to skip the morning service as T not feeling well, so back home for copious cups of tea, and regular doses of food (made chorizo in red wine, roast peppers and roast squash for lunch) and sleep. Then into church for evening service (I got to play with the bookstall – hurrah), back to T’s for pizza, then home.