Goodness me… this is going to be busy….

Weds – mystery dinner in the West End. Proposal made, and accepted (proposal on Reformation Day – many brownie points)
Thursday – SLOB study … champagne, 2 lots of flowers and our first congratulations card. Start trying to book March 29 (preferred date) – looks as if it is a no-go as church office is closed.
Friday – Sunday – 9:38 weekend away, all a bit overwhelming to be sitting in a Marriage and Ministry seminar being engaged for only 3 days….
Sunday evening – now completed Marriage Prep questions (slightly gruelling, but good) as the only course between now and early April is either starting on Monday, or in February. So – Monday it is.
Currently compiling the very long first draft of guest list by plundering our guest books. Currently standing at 425 … but we are only up to ‘L’ in T’s Facebook address book (we’ve done mine – then we both need to check our Outlook books).
Feeble coming down in two weeks to go dress shopping. Plans with friend from work (also getting married next year, probably) to go initial dress shopping next Saturday.