Did you know….. (Who was Cyrus?)

I found this (originally copied from an article in the Times I think, when I was doing Overview, or maybe Isaiah)…. you’ve heard of Attila the Hun, but have you heard of Cyrus?


The men who conquered the most miles

Genghis Khan (c1162- 1227): 4,860,000 square miles, including northern China, Mongolia, southern Siberia and central Asia.

Alexander the Great (356- 323BC): 2,180,000 square miles, including the southern Balkan peninsula, Asia Minor, Egypt and the entire Near East.

Tamerlane (c1336-1405): 2,145,000 square miles, including most of the Near East.

Cyrus the Great (c600- c529BC): 2,090,000 square miles including the Median Empire, Babylonia, Assyria, Syria, Palestine, the Indus Valley and southern Turkistan.

Attila (c406-453), king of the Huns: 1,450,000 square miles, encompassing most of central and eastern Europe and the western Russian plain, but not Gaul.

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945): 1,370,000 square miles, including most of continental Europe — extending from the English Channel to the outskirts of Moscow, and from North Africa to Norway — all of which he lost within 31/2 years.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821): 720,000 square miles, including France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Spain.