Long time, no blog

This planning-a-wedding malarkey does take up quite a lot of time. Anyhow – time for a quick recap of the weekend, and then I will backfill some of the weeks gone by (for the record).

This weekend:

Saturday – up early, but still overslept, tidying the flat for the two viewings which were booked in (no offers, sadly), and off to France to buy wine for the wedding. Very impressed – we left at 8.15am or thereabouts, were down at Folkestone at 9.25am, and crossed at 10.50am. Cite Europe is right next to the Tunnel, so didn’t have to go too far (good, as I’m not that good at driving on the right). Moules frites for lunch (my French is far too rusty) and then to Tesco Vin Plus (where I had checked via email that we could take advantage of the feb – sept 10% for wedding purchases even though the offer doesn’t officially start until 7 feb). Two shopping trolleys full of wine, cava and champagne, and a quick phone call to the bank (to confirm that my card hadn’t in fact been stolen) later, and we were heading back to London. We arrived almost 2 hours before our crossing time but were able to cross immediately, as they brought our booking forward.
A swift crossing meant that we were back for just gone 4.30 (in time to watch the rugby). Perhaps not such a good thing after all…. Lesley (Vainokolo) was great … as were Wales (oh dear, oh dear, oh dear).
Dad and TractorBoy arrived at about 8.30pm, having been on (as TB put it) a-train-and-a-bus-and-a-train-and-an-underground-train-and-a train – very excitable. Chinese, persuasion of TB that sleeping in a sleeping bag might be quite fun, and to bed. Dad didn’t get too much sleep as he was sharing a room with TB. He gave up at about 6am and got up to read his book. TB was sedated with a Tractor Tom DVD (well done T!) and then we had proper breakfast (well done T again). Off to church, Dad having noticed that my headlight bulb had blown, and parking noted that my tyre was going flat. TB off to Sunday school during church (what did you learn about, TB? ‘Don’t know’ – at least his answer is consistent with his answer about school) and a quick look at St. Andrews for purposes of reception planning afterwards, and then Dad changed my tyre, we drove to Halfords to get a new bulb and then set off for Paddington.
We left Stepney at 13.23, and were anticipating a 22min drive to Paddington. That was before the burst water main at Edgware Road. Suffice to say that it was just gone 4 before I got back home. Then had a quick bite to eat, packed three days worth of clothes into my shoulder bag (most impressed) and off to the station to head off to Birmingham for work. 9pm – arrive at hotel. Big bed. Great.