There are three ‘k’s in Habakkuk!

At home with the lurgy at the moment. Felt better this morning when I woke than yesterday, so hope that the tide is turning. Usually when I’m ill, I’m still fit to do minor household admin tasks – not so with this virus.
Generally feel OK if I am lying down. However, this morning’s improvement has meant that I have decided to try a bit of pootling about on t’internet to sort stuff for the wedding. This includes putting the Order of Service together …. which meant that when I was searching on for Habbakuk 3 …. I wasn’t finding anything. Anyhow – a more challenging target has come to light: being able to say my vows without sobbing after every other word. Really don’t want to be a crying bride. Not good. Even if you go down the route of dyeing your eyelashes rather than using mascara….
Ho hum! 46 days to go….