Weekend update

All go this weekend.
A trip to the dentist, then off to pick up my dress (officially referred to as ‘the pink ra-ra skirt’ to shield its true design from interested parties etc.) – leaving my beloved to clean the kitchen and go to ASDA (unprompted, i’m just one of the most blessed women in the world). Then, quick bite of lunch, and off to Covent Garden to go to Moss Bros to buy him a morning suit (given that after our wedding, we have a further three to attend before the end of July, it’s very definitely an investment). Moss Bros Covent Garden is most definitely a gentleman’s outfitters – the kind of place where the salesmen (which seems to be too dirty a word…) can pick out your size at a glance.
Then home, for slow-cooked pork belly with celery and leeks, and garlic potato wedges. All courtesy of His Nibs.

And today, I managed to put my contact lenses in in under 10 minutes, so perhaps there is hope of me wearing contacts for the wedding….