Useful wedding information

I thought that it would be useful to post links / info which I gathered as we organised the wedding. I’ll try and structure in a reasonably sensible order.

Legal stuff
If you are getting married in the Church of England, you need to get your banns read in both the parish where you will be married, and the parish(es) in which bride and groom are resident. In a village – straightforward – the local church (almost certainly). In the city – less so. A useful website is ACNY – which stands for ‘A Church Near You’. Basically, you enter your postcode, refine the location using a map, and then this shows you your local parish church.

The UK Deed Poll Service provides a useful outline of a woman’s rights on marriage in case you are interested in doing something more than just taking your husband’s surname. It appears that you can ‘mesh’ the two surnames …. the mind boggles….

Debenhams do a nice line in evening wear, which works well for bridesmaids.
I got my dress from Heavenly Bodies Bridal based in Catford and run by a very nice lady called Patricia.