Winston and Laurie

Last day of ‘honeymoon-at-home’ today. The IKEA furniture is almost assembled. The flat is still quite untidy but we’re getting there. We decided to venture out to the cinema and chose ‘Fool’s Gold’ which was actually quite good (given the lead was Matthew McConaughey, it could have just been irritating) – well written, nice digs at popular culture – but featuring Ray Winstone with an awful American (we assume) accent.
Given that the subject of the film was treasure hunting in the Bahamas (and around)- it seems reasonable that Ray Winston couldn’t just be Ray Winstone (which was basically what he had been hired for, in much the same way as Al Pacino ‘does’ Al Pacino in every film etc.) – but the accent was quite distracting.
However, from Winston to Laurie – home to watch a few episodes of House (featuring a very good US accent from Hugh Laurie)while continuing to sort out the living room.