America’s Got Talent

Relaxing at home on a Friday evening, the husband and I idly switch to ITV2 and find ‘America’s Got Talent’. Now, we have on occasion found ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ quite amusing, resurrecting as it does the old-fashioned variety/talent show, so we thought it would be interesting to see what they do in the States.
The interesting thing about AGT is who the hosts are….
Instead of Simon Cowell, we have … David Hasselhoff (squee!), instead of Amanda Holden, we have Sharon Osborne, and yes, Piers Morgan crops up again. (How, how, how did PM become famous in the States? Most odd).
The piece de resistance however, is the behind the scenes presenter. No Ant and Dec fo AGT … it’s none other than …. Jerry Springer. Is this a move up? a move down?
Odd. Just odd.