1 Corinthians 4

Sermon notes from a friend’s son’s baptism at the barge in November 2007

How should we cope within a world which regards us as the scum of the earth?

Contrasting judgements – God or man (vv1-5)
v4a – not aware of anything against myself
v4b – the Lord who judges me.

Paul comits himself to the judgement of God, not the Corinthians. Corinthians were judging by worldly values.
Look to the right judgement.

Contrasting expectations – kings or scum? (vv6-13)
Root of the Corinthian problem – pride
Paul’s experience was very difference.
Corinthians had an overrealised eschatology – thinking that we have them now.
v8 – repetition – alerady.

Contrasting examples – Paul or someone else? (vv14-21)
– imitating Paul’s leadership
n.b. he doesn’t say imitate Christ. Imitate in his leadership – warm, tender, intimate, tender words of love
– imitating Paul’s life
Genuine Christian ministry – not glamorous – instead, blood, sweat, toil and tears. May not be liked, but will be saved.

Are we imitating Paul?
– the power of the cross