1 Corinthians 4:1-21: A Gospel of Power (5)

Sermon notes: Sunday Evening 31 August 2003 (posted 20 September 2008 as I trawl my sermon notes box for 1 Corinthians notes in advance of the new term starting).

Dominant issue is power in the church. Problems in Corinth – failure to live with the cross at the centre.

A) Genuine Christian ministry is apostolic in its authority, vv1-7, 14-21
The underlying issue is that the Corinthian church is in danger of parting ways with the Apostle Paul – v3 – judging Paul, v6 gone beyond what he has written to them, v7 they think that they are v. special, boasting of selves v18 arrogant.
v1 apostles – servants of Christ and stewards of mysteries of God.
cf. ch. £ the Apostles inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Responsibility of Christian ministers is to follow in line of apostles’ teaching – not adding, not taking away.

B) Genuine Christian ministry is apostolic in its nature, vv8-13
The ministry that looks weak and foolish = God’s ministry.
We live in the overlap of ages (between the First and Second Coming).
v8 – mocking – if they had this, they would be in heaven and he would be there with them.

Isaiah 53:3 – v3 he was despised and rejected by men … Apostles treated like Christ.
Philippians 2:6-8 – did not count equality with God something to be grasped … humbled to the point of death.

Church in Corinth wanted to leave the Cross out of the message and out of lifestyle.