Paper Anniversary weekend

We started Saturday with a nice bacon sandwich and then off to pick up J and C (the Vicar’s children) to take them to the Zoo. The first time we tried this we got caught in traffic and didn’t make it in time, so took them instead to the Natural History Museum (giving rise to the catchphrase “we’re going to see the DINO-SAWRES” repeated ad infinitum thereafter).
We then rearranged for last weekend, but ended up going to North Shields instead to visit family at short notice.
So, third time lucky (not that I believe in luck, of course) – off to London Zoo we went. The last time I went was about 7 or 8 years ago, when I was still living in North London. It looked much better this time (I remember the tigers looking very sad then, and elephants looking unhappy) and was a lot of fun (if a little tiring).
Back to the East End, stopping off at McDonalds where we bumped into the ever-wonderful Dorothy (from church) who also knows the kids well, and we had a good old chat.
We dropped the kids off and after a chat, headed back to the flat via B+Q to buy a sink plunger and other assorted plumbing instruments to tackle the standing water in the bathroom sink. By the time we’d finished trying to sort that out (The Husband was successful later that evening – clever boy!) we decided to ditch dinner out (and have Chinese takeaway instead) and head straight to the theatre to see Joseph + TATD which was quite entertaining (although I didn’t think Gareth Gates was particularly good – too much of a pop singer, not enough of a West End voice). The cast must have a phenomenal amount of energy!
Back home on the train (amused by overhearing a conversation about tracing family trees – “he was Jewish!, no he was Asian!”), getting off in Blackheath, due to a lineside fire near home, we ended up getting a bus back most of the way, and then wandering back home on foot when the bus took an unexpected turn.