Lamb tagine in the slow cooker

I’ve called this ‘tagine’ because it tastes Moroccaan, and it’s suitably catchy. Lamb with Moroccan seasoning and couscous is somewhat of a mouthful.

Anyway – here goes:

2 onions
2/3 carrots,
Vegetable stock (one cube + enough hot water tSo cover the contents in the slow cooker)
Lamb chops (one pack – c. 5 small chops)
Seasoning to taste (in my case, generous shakes of:)
– ground coriander
– ground cumin
– cayenne chilli pepper
– crushed, dried chilli flakes
– a bay leaf (The Husband says all seasoning begins with bay leaves)

This needed to be in the slow cooker for 12 hours – so I popped it on low.

About 20 minutes before eating, add couscous to the slow cooker. Leave to absorb the juices. Add more seasoning and stir in.

Nice, nice, nice. Lamb falling apart. Would work well as a cold meal (e.g. for packed lunches).

Next time, I might trim some of the fat, or sear the meat first – a little on the greasy side, but only a touch.