A lovely weekend…

Friday didn’t start on a brilliant note, being aware that I would need to work for at least part of the day, rather than take the day off as planned. Having been overtired from a fortnight’s flitting between Berkshire, Surrey and Dorset, I failed to get to sleep until 3am the night (morning?) previously …. watching ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ is not a good way to pass the time, for future reference….
After a break of c. 8 months, The Husband and I decided to get a cleaner again – working on 3 hours a fortnight which seems manageable. The cleaner was punctual, efficient (although it took about 6 hours for the fumes to clear after she left… I do worry about the state of her lungs) and created some order in the flat which was therapeutic for us both. A pleasant mix between wanting to be very helpful, and telling me exactly what she needed to clean properly ;-).
We found her via Opal Cleaning.
Good friends (K&AB) round for dinner and board games (The Husband cooked ‘Pork Belly with Prunes and Apricots’ – a recipe of his own design which involved marinating the Pork Belly in ground coriander, garlic, sweet chilli, all spice etc.). We played Puerto Rico after dinner which was good fun (by which of course I mean, ‘I won’ – the victory dance was suitably amusing, apparently).
Saturday was a lazy day – Asda, breakfast/brunch, to the aquatics shop (6 black harlequins now grace our tank) then to Harry Potter (v.g.) and back for lamb steaks accompanied by the nectarine chutney I made a couple of months ago.
Sunday started well (excellent sermon on Ps119 from WTT, followed by roast pork shoulder) and ended with me travelling down to Deepest, Darkest Dorset so that I could be there in time for a 9am meeting on Monday.