Sermon notes: Psalm 119:153-176

Having an afternoon of sorting things out in the office/study/office (I think that it varies, depending on how much work stuff I’ve brought home with me …. at the moment – office).
The urge to procrastinate is being diverted into the more useful pursuit of revisiting last week’s sermon notes (26 July 2009)… (bold are the headings on the handout, normal font denotes my scribblings!)

Preacher: WTT

Psalm 119: 153-176

The psalmist makes it clear to us that God’s Word is refreshing, reviving, re-energising. Some repeated phrases:
9 x ‘I love Your Law’
10 x ‘Your Law is my delight’
8 x ‘I meditate on Your Law’

1. A painful awareness of weakness
A deep consciousness that enemies are forever present

– personal vulnerability
v.23 – princes plotting against me
vv67, 95, 110, 150

– debilitating frailty

God in His Greatness brings frailty upon the psalmist, to keep him clinging tightly to Him – vv 92, 71 & 75 – the ‘adversity gospel’ (not the ‘prosperity gospel’)

– enduring sin
despite the psalmists protestations – vv. 176

2. A rich appreciation of the Word
‘clings to the dust’
The psalmist is like a sick man with a recurring ailment – he knows where to go in the medicine cabinet – God’s word is an all-encompassing elixir.

– safety
vv9,11 – WTT’s first memory verses
– life
vv156, 159
– liberty

– truth
vv96,97,32,44 – coming to the living God is not restrictive – the Genesis 3 lie
– wisdom
– permanence

3. An urgent appetite for the Word
The psalmist is passionate v131

Christian meditation is not like Eastern meditation – rather than emptying your mind, you should fill it – with the Word of God.

A bit like a cow – ruminate! Meditation in order to obey.