Shepherd’s Pie

An unexpectedly good shepherd’s pie was produced this evening, the method hereby recorded for future reference and to assist in repetition.

It all started when I picked up a reduced pack of lamb mince when scouring the shelves in Associated Dairies. For a while, I was thinking along the lines of lamb kofta, but went along the pie route after realising that it had been a little while.

1. Glug of oil and dried rosemary into a stockpot/deep saucepan (I used my IKEA ‘fake Le Creuset’ stockpot) on a medium heat (3-4/6 on the hob dial)
2. Add two onions, roughly sliced
3. Add lamb
4. Add two tins of tomatoes (one chopped, one plum)
5. 3 leeks, roughly chopped
6. Stir and cover.
7. Pop back in a while, and check how it is getting on – add a lamb stock cube (just crumble it over the contents, don’t add water)
8. Stir and cover.
9. Pop back in a while, add a lamb stock cube and some frozen veg (e.g. sweetcorn) and some more rosemary.

At this point, my lovely husband took over, made mash with more rosemary, and made the pie up. Topped off with left over mozzarella and a little parmesan.