New Forest – October 2009

The Husband and I had a lovely weekend (this weekend just gone) near Sway in the New Forest.
Peace, quiet, 12 hours sleep a night, learning new card games, sitting in the pub quietly. Bliss.
Here’s a photo.

It took just over two hours to get there from London on Friday evening, which was pretty good, I thought. A lovely night’s sleep (we stayed at Tower Hall) refreshed us, and so we set off to explore the New Forest. Up to Lyndhurst (slightly baffled by a convoy of yellow cars which had gathered for an unknown purpose…) to visit the New Forest Information Centre. A brief visit to the Book Fair taking place in the Community Hall saw us walking away with an original souvenir guide from the Coronation and a couple of books on military history for under £10. Then a drive down to the coastal towns and around (Christchurch looked lovely, but we eventually settled on Barton-on-Sea for lunch at The Cliff House overlooking the sea). Lunch was good (nice fresh fish) with good opportunity for a little people-watching / eavesdropping. Then a stroll along the clifftop meant we got to see a border collie taking its elderly lady owner for a walk (she had a nifty contraption which helped her to pick up the tennis ball and throw it without having to bend over). In true collie style, the dog picked up the ball, ran further away, dropped it, ran further away still and then crouched to the ground, watching and waiting. It did make me smile.
Finally, back to the Hare and Hounds near Sway, where we learned to play California Jack (not a bad two-person card game), and had yet more food. Yum.
Another good night’s sleep, church @ St. Lukes, Sway, another pub lunch near Lyndhurst, and then we were home by 4pm. You can’t say fairer than that…!