Advent Party

A lovely gathering of friends old and new on Saturday to start celebrating the Advent season. SILTY had travelled down from The North to spend the weekend with us and was a great help. We had about 20-25 people over between 5pm and 11pm (somehow spacing themselves appropriately so that there was always enough room on the sofas!).
For the record (my memory, if nothing else), nibbles were as follows:
Crudites (peppers, cucumber, carrot) and dips (moutable and houmus made by The Husband)
Sausage rolls (thank you Mr. Sainsburys)
Sticky sausages (honey, sesame and soy sauce)
Potato cakes with creme fraiche, smoked salmon and dill
Cheeseboard with home-made chutneys (south seas chutney, mango chutney, fruity chutney, onion marmalade, chilli pepper jam)
Cinnamon grape pickle
Mince pies
Marshmallows covered in chocolate
Wedding cake (albeit with no marzipan or icing)
Mulled wine pootling away on the hob.

I did try twice to make popcorn (Nigella, as are the sausages and fantastic potato cakes) but only succeeded in burning it, so ’twas not to be this time.

Hurrah! Christmas is a-coming. Next week – carols at church – double hurrah!