New Year, New Decade?**

We have just returned home from the annual “Trip around the UK” which is Christmas/New Year. Much to blog, much to do – glad to have the weekend back at home before back to work on Monday.

A few loose resolutions have been made – one of which is to blog more, and to Facebook less. Another is to watch less TV – I’ve developed interests in a couple of new hobbies for the next year which will hopefully enable me to be more creative in 2010 than in recent years past, which the Husband finds quite amusing/endearing. All good.

Let’s see how much I get blogged up over the next couple of days. I’ve also half a mind to use the 2010 Lectionary as a basis for Bible reading this year, but this may be a little overambitious given my usual patchy discipline. This may prove to be a better option.

** The Husband insists that 2010 is the last year of the ‘Noughties’ (not that he uses that term) and 2011 signals the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. Radio 4 disagrees…