Dithering…. so the internet decides for me

Having given myself two options this year for Bible reading, I neither find my lectionary nor want to use my back-up approach this morning.

Fickle, moi?

So instead, opening BibleGateway in preparation, I decide to read the Psalm from which the verse of the day (90:12) (“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”) is taken. This could be a new approach, but is a little unstructured for long-term usage (I would prefer to work through a book at a time, so I know what it is about).

Psalm 90
This is a really good reality check.

I love verses like vv1-2 – they cut through all the hustle and bustle of life and remind me that my true home is with God.

vv3-6 help cut through the self-importance of any age. I’m currently researching family history and also enjoying a book which gives an overview of great moments in British history. It’s difficult to imagine a thousand years seeming as a day, but does force me to think ‘big picture’ (it’s a bit easier if e.g. I try to think of the first thousand years of AD British History – hmm – Romans, Alfred, burnt cakes, William the Conq, Harold and the arrow).

vv7-8 a reminder that I cannot hide from God, (and thus all the rationalisation and justification of things I ought not to be doing really doesn’t wash with Him).

vv9-12 – time is not as long as we think that it is (or, as The Wurzels put it “you’re a short time living and a long time dead” – can’t remember the song just yet, but it will bug me until I find it out, so will post the link…)

v12-17 – so, I should remember to number my days (and thank God for Jesus, or I would be in a very sorry mess indeed).

Hurrah!. I like the Psalms.