Sherlock Holmes – review (spoiler alert)

London looked great.

The cast were great (Robert Downey Jnr is eminently watchable as is Mark Strong and Jude Law was v.good also). There was a comedy huge foreign henchman (a la Jaws of the Bond films) and I discovered that Downey Jnr speaks half-decent French (at least to my ear).

The costumes were great.

The action sequences were great.

V.much looking forward to seing the sequel (which I am expecting – seems to be heavily trailed at the end) but wasn’t entirely happy with the film (the villains are masons/black magic practitioners which I thought was a bit unnecessary and not massively original).

So….. 7.5/10 I think (which would be a 9/10 had the villains just been a bit more sensible).