NWA10: Highlights, bits and bobs

Well, after what felt like an epic journey back to The Big Smoke from Pwllheli (admiring the countryside in Wales along the way, spotting lambs, more lambs, pheasants and even buffalo!), The Husband and I are now home.

Memories of the chalet are still fresh enough to contrast with a flat currently over-full with boxes brought down from the loft (for decluttering before moving in a few months, d.v.) and hopefully that will help me to be ruthless in terms of Ebay, Freecycling, recycling and binning what we have around us.

My procrastination for the next couple of days (before I go back to work) will be blogging through some of my notes from NWA10, and posting useful links.

To be posted:
List of book recommendations made at NWA10
Notes from Jerry Bridges (Gospel-Based Holiness), Emotive Issues, and some of the celebrations.
The Husband also went to the morning Bible Readings on 1 Thessalonians and the DNA of Christian Leadership, so I may get a few thoughts on paper from him as well.

Back to the decluttering for now though…