NWA10: Book Recommendations

Here’s a list of book recommendations from New Word Alive 2010 (as culled from the Daily Briefing sheets Tues – Fri)


Trasures of the King – Alec Motyer

Leading better Bible studies – Morris and Morris

Words of life –  Tim Ward


The ‘Trailblazers’ range of biographies

Jesus Storybook Bible – Sally Lloyd-Jones

The Barnabas Children’s Bible

Big truths for young hearts – Bruce Ware

The big book of questions and answers about Jesus – Sinclair Fergusson

Making the most of the rest of your life – John Chapman


Working without wilting – Jago Wynn

Just Sex? – Guy Brandon

Matters of life and death – John Wyatt

Busy Christan’s Guide to Busyness – Tim Chester

Out of the saltshaker – Rebecca Manley Pippert

Questioning evangelism – Randy Newman

Naked God – Martin Ayers

Reason for God – Tim Keller


Unquenchable Fire – Mike Reeves

Whitefield: the evangelist – John Pollock

Salvation Belongs to the Lord – John Frame

Bible Doctrine – Wayne Grudem

Jesus says Go – Robin Wells

Shining like stars – Lindsay Brown


If God already knows, why pray? – Douglas Kelly

Worship matters – Bob Kauflin

What is a healthy church – Mark Dever

Experiencing the Spirit – Graham Beynon

The Discipline of Grace – Jerry Bridges

The Prodigal God – Tim Keller

Seeing and savouring Christ – John Piper