Lentil and pepper flan

This is a recipe which my sister gave me. It is actually* rather nice. Also relatively frugal and not massively unhealthy, so will be made again.

6oz shortcrust pastry (although when I make it again I will try filo pastry, as this is where most of the calories in this recipe come from…)

6oz red lentils

1 chopped onion

Garlic to taste

10z butter (although I used 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil)

1 green pepper (I used red)

4oz grated cheese (I used Mexicana as The Husband and I both like spicy things)

1 egg.

How to:

1. Line the flan dish with pastry and blind bake for 10-15mins until set and golden (at 220C I’ve got here, but I’m sure that I did it at 180 and it was fine).

2. Cook the lentils.

3. Fry off onion and garlic until softened (5 mins)

4. Add the pepper (chopped as you like) and add to the pan for another five minutes.

5. Mix the cooked, drained lentils with the cheese. Puree. (I didn’t, it was fine).

6. Add the egg and mix in.

7. Put the onion, garlic and pepper into the flan dish.

8. Cover with the lentils/cheese and spread out until all is covered.

9. Bake at 40mins at 180c until lightly browned.

Eat hot as part of a main meal, or cold later for tea.

* notwithstanding the fact that it does not contain meat and does contain lentils (which do not smell great when cooking…)