Recipe: Really quick ice cream

A colleague of mine was very kind and distributed vanilla pods he brought back from a recent holiday to Madagascar to all those of a baking persuasion in the office.

I used some of them in this recipe (untweaked!) and served with frozen and defrosted raspberries (which I prefer to fresh – juicier!) for friends at the weekend.


If you put this into a shallow dish in the freezer you can have some ice cream in about an hour, so it’s quite feasible for a quick meal. It’s over-sweet, over-rich and wonderful comfort food. Everyone adores it. This recipe makes a lot, but it will keep in the freezer.

For 8-10

600ml double or whipping cream
400g can skimmed condensed milk
1-2 vanilla pods
1-2 tsp real vanilla extract

Slice the vanilla pod lengthways, scrape out the black seeds and pulp with the point of a knife. (The rest of the pod can be saved to flavour a jar of caster sugar.)

Whisk the cream, with an electric whisk for speed and ease, though you can do it by hand, until soft peaks form.

Add the condensed milk to the cream and whisk again until combined. Add vanilla extract and vanilla seeds.

Tip into a suitable container – a rigid plastic box is ideal – and freeze until firm.

From Rose Elliot ‘s Mediterranean Feasts published by Little Books, £7.99, ISBN: 1904435335