Menu-Planning Monday

Amongst the personal finance/frugal blogs which I follow, many bloggers post their planned menus for the week on a Monday. Hence, ‘Menu-Planning Monday’. I thought that I would join in, if only to try and keep me to the discipline of menu-planning. I took an inventory of the freezer last night (jam-packed after Christmas), and this morning have planned through to the end of the month (or thereabouts).

Some of the recipes are new – if they are any good, I will post the recipe.

Note – this is not a New Year’s Resolution – just something which I am trying….

Mon 10: ‘Everyday’ Madhur Chicken and rice (I think that she calls this ‘chicken in a fried onion sauce’). I’m quite looking forward to sampling this – I have just bought a 1p copy of Madhur’s Indian cookery on, and if it turns me to half as good a cook as my mother-in-law, I shall be very pleased indeed.

Tues 11: as for Mon 10

Weds 12: Pork and apple casserole – cooked in the slow cooker. I have found an interesting recipe which uses thyme and allspice. We have some apples in the freezer left over from making chutney before Christmas, so this will use them up.

Thurs 13: as for Weds 12

Fri 14: Fish pie – we have leftover smoked salmon trimmings (Sainsbury’s basics – very cheap, and still very nice), some haddock, some very old lemon sole in the freezer.

Sat 15: King Prawn Thai Green Curry

Sun 16: Fruity lamb tagine

Mon 17: Red lentil soup and cheesy chapatis (for lunch – will make a big batch); Sausages, mash and savoy cabbage (dinner)

Tues 18: Chilli con carne (slow cooker). Last time I made this, it made about 8 portions, so will see how far I can stretch it this time. I include 2-3 tins of tomatos, reconstituted dried soya mince (believe me, if I could taste it, I wouldn’t use it, but I can’t, and it makes it cheaper, and healthier, so it goes in).

Weds 19: Chilli con carne again.

Thurs 20: Lamb tagine (leftovers) – I’m out this evening, so just for Mr E.

Fri 21: Smoked salmon fishcakes (again using up some of the 5! packs of smoked salmon trimmings in the freezer).

Sat 22: Chicken Thai Green Curry

Sun 23: Roast pork belly – I’m looking forward to this, acquired from the reduced counter in my local mega-Tescos.

Mon 24: Goan fish curry

Tues 25: Sausages, savoy cabbage and potatos.

Weds 26: Pork chilli with creamy chive crushed potatos

Thurs 27: Pork chilli with creamy chive crushed potatos

Fri 28: Salmon fishcakes


2 thoughts on “Menu-Planning Monday

  1. You are very organised! I don’t understand though why planning is cheaper? If I plan we seem to spend more than the ‘daily russling up from whatever’s lying around’ that I usually do.

  2. 😉 Cheaper because it removes the temptation to go to the chippy at the end of the road, or similar!
    When I get home from work I am generally quite hungry, and can’t think straight – if I sit down and plan things out, then it helps me avoid that temptation…

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