Things to do before leaving London…

Mindful that we may be leaving London in 18 months or so, I have started to compile a list of things to do before we go. The aim is for them all to be free/relatively cheap:

1) Go to the British Museum again

2) Have okonomiyaki again (near the British Museum at Abeno Too) – not free, and not particularly cheap, but soooo nice.

3) Do a cheap tour of London on TfL buses. That’s what a bus pass is for.

4) Visit the Houses of Parliament.

5) … that’s it so far… suggestions welcome.


2 thoughts on “Things to do before leaving London…

    • Don’t know yet – depends on where Mr.E gets a curacy when he is ordained. Hopefully not too far in the first instance, otherwise I’ll have to change jobs again!

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