Gardenwatch: Let’s begin again…

My earlier attempts to grow chilli and tomato seedlings faltered when, er, I forgot to water them regularly once I transferred to the mini-greenhouse outside. It was also a touch cold (I now understand why my grandmother doesn’t plant anything until May).

So – I’ve started again, and now have a handful (3/4) of well-developed courgette seedlings, okra seedlings and tumbler tomato plants. Clubcard points will also be furnishing me with a subscription to BBC Gardeners’ World, so hopefully things are on the up!

We will be growing vegetables and herbs both at home (in pots on the patio, and in the mini-greenhouse) and at college, on an 8ft x 8ft sq raised bed we have there (won in a charity auction). The plan is to have the slightly hardier vegetables at college, and the more delicate ones at home where they can be monitored more closely.

At home we will  have (d.v.):

Aubergines (potted plants arriving from Suttons in late April/May)

Squash (ditto)

Tumbler tomatos (seedlings currently on their second set of leaves in the heated propagator)

Chilli seeds (need to start trying to grow these again!)


Garlic – Sicilian Red (growing better in pots than in troughs it seems – although we did drill drainage holes in the troughs).

Nasturtiums for colour

Coriander, thyme, basil, parsley.

I might also grow some courgettes in growbags as well. Any surplus crops can then be pickled and preserved (leading nicely into Christmas presents).

At college the plan is to grow:

Garlic – Sultop



Pak Choi

Spinach (perpetual spinach beet)

Climbing French beans (lots of these!)

and there’s still a little space left for something else. Not sure yet.

I’m looking forward to it though.






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  1. Potatoes! you should grow potatoes – acroding to the BBC’s Gregg Wallace they’re easy to grow at home and alot of the heritage veriaties are dying out.

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