Links: Yet more Ottolenghi recipes I would like to try… (Green Pancakes with Lime Butter) (Fatayer) (Stuffed Courgette) (Chickpea and Broccoli Salad) (Aubergine Tricolore) (Bulgur Pilaf) (Shakshuka) (Quinoa salad) (Puy lentil galette)


One thought on “Links: Yet more Ottolenghi recipes I would like to try…

  1. I’m inspired!

    I’ve clipped a few of the ottlenghi recipes, but usually end up reverting to pasta and pesto. It’s partly because the photos look so impressive and also because some of the ingredients can be a bit intimidating (ie; not pesto or pasta). But maybe it’s time to expand the repertoire. I think I’ll try the meatballs and then work up..

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