Recipe under £1.50/head: Meatballs!

I made this for dinner this evening. Mr E. says “very light and tasty”. 

Quantities below make 6 portions of meatballs (4 each). I served with a tomato, red onion and chilli sauce, chargrilled mediterranean vegetables and a little bit of garlic bread (as we are cutting back on carbs). 



450g minced beef @£1.50 (half of a 900g pack which was bought on 2 for £6 offer)

450g breadcrumbs (counting these as free, as this was stale bread which I blitzed in the food processor a few months ago and then froze). 

4 medium eggs @ 15p each = £0.60

3 sticks of celery @ c. 10p each = £0.30 (cost less than this as I bought from the reduced counter)

3 carrots @ c. 10p each = £0.30 (cost less than this as carrots were on half price)

4 cloves of garlic @ £0.20

1 tbsp of dried oregano = £0.05p (oregano bought in bulk from

Total cost: £2.95 total = 22p/meatball = £0.49 / portion

served with

Tomato, red onion and chilli sauce (serves 3)

2 tins of chopped tomatos @ 33p/each = £0.66 (Smartprice/Tesco Value tins)

2 red onions @ 40p/each = £0.80 (could be bought more cheaply – I’ve taken this price from the pack of three in Tesco as I can’t find the price for the bag I bought)

1 red chilli @ 10p/each = £0.10

Total cost: £1.56 = £0.52/portion

Chargrilled Mediterranean Vegetables

Out of a packet! Tesco sell a 750g pack for £1.49 – contains aubergine, courgette, peppers, onions, cherry tomatos. I think that we used about 1/3 pack for the two of us. 

Total cost: £0.50p = £0.25p/portion. 

Garlic Bread

Half a Smartprice/Value Garlic Baguette @ 20p = £0.10/portion

Total cost = £1.36/portion


Meatballs: Combine all ingredients, make into meatball shapes, place on greased baking tray (I sprayed with low-fat cooking spray), and cook at about 180C for about 30 mins. Or so…

Sauce: Combine all ingredients (chop the onions and chilli, having removed the seeds) in a saucepan, and cook on a medium heat for 30mins, adding the cooked meatballs after 15 mins.