Gardenwatch: Planting is done!

A productive Bank Holiday in the Edwards’ house – planting and weeding has been done, and no more planting planned for this year (just a little planting out).

So – the back garden now contains:

Mini-greenhouse: Two okra seedlings in a growbag, plus basil, chilli and beetroot seedlings waiting to be planted out when they are a little bigger.

Outside: Rosemary, mint, six tomato plants (three tumblers, one patio, one bush, and one ‘normal’ plant), two aubergines, two butternut squash, eight? courgettes, two climbing french beans, about 10 sicilian red garlic, coriander, oregano, thyme, chives, parsley, one strawberry, and one oak sapling that we spotted growing in the border (and have now rehomed).

Raised bed at college: Garlic (sultop), red onions, perpetual beet spinach (seed just planted), two mammoth and two weedy courgette plants, carrots (Autumn King), one squash, one aubergine, beetroot (seed just planted), swiss chard (seed just planted), climbing french beans.

Let’s hope it all crops well!