Ideas for money-making sidelines…

In a box somewhere (I’m not entirely decluttered yet), I have a little list of potential money-making sidelines. Reason being that I like to think ahead, and plan for the eventuality that when Mr.E gets a curacy (and we have to start looking soon – eek!), I might not be able to find a job in my field of employment. Hence – the list.

It is currently as follows:

1. Sell greetings cards and stationery from Phoenix Trading (I’ve just started this one actually as I thought that it would be useful to get going well in advance of moving to curacy-

2. Make and sell cakes (thinking more difficult than it looks, and not enough margin unless I could get into supplying garden centres – they seem to charge a fortune for cake!..)

3. Make and sell chutney (ditto, although perhaps worth doing occasionally)

4. Virtual PA-ing (not really looked into this, but admin does make me happy. I like creating order.)

5. Make crochet things for people (£/hour would be pitiful for most things, but perhaps useful for a little pin money if I was going to be crochet-ing for fun anyway. Someone is selling granny-squared cushion covers on Etsy for THIRTY-FIVE POUNDS! Perhaps I have missed a trick.).

But, I always like to have more ideas. These are some ideas taken from “50 ways to make the most of your home-grown skills” – a little booklet that was published with a recent edition of Country Living (April 2011) that I was given. I thought some of you might be interested.

1. Decorating your Home (no – no skill at all here)
2. Making Technology Work (used to think that I was OK, but Mr.E much better than me).
3. Arranging Flowers (would love to be good at this, but now).
4. Sewing Soft Furnishings (more feasible, but would need to do some work on this).
5. Baking a Cake (This one has potential – see above)
6. Looking after Children (nope – crowded market I think)
8. Being a Foodie (I am a bit, but suggests writing a guide to local delicacies – less good if you are moving around I think).
10. Caring for Animals (good idea, as long as I could stick to cats and fish – not really a dog person…)
12. Teaching a Skill
14. Bagging a Bargain (selling on Ebay for others)
23. Researching Your Family Tree (already doing quite well here – back to late 18th, early 19th century – suggests that you could offer to do for others)
24. Growing Vegetables (and then having an honesty box outside your house/selling surplus to local restaurants – may need to consider this depending on how good the courgette crop is.. may have gone overboard with about 10 plants….)
39. Organising Events
43. Making Preserves
47. Knitting a Jumper
49. Designing Jewellery