Slow cooker recipe: Ottolenghi chickpea, tomato & bread soup, + sausage + bacon = Yum!

Last night’s dinner, blogged for posterity as directed by Mr E….

This is a twist on the chickpea, tomato and bread soup in the Ottolenghi recipe book “Plenty”. It loses the carrot, celery sticks and white wine (because I didn’t have any in), and the chopped parsley (as I don’t really think that it adds anything…). It adds four leftover sausages and some bacon lardons which were in the freezer. I also cooked it in the slow cooker, after having fried off the red onions and fennel for about 5 minutes in some olive oil.

So – Ingredients (makes about 4-6 portions):

1 large onion, sliced (I used red)

1 medium fennel bulb, sliced

100ml olive oil

1 tbsp tomato puree

400g passata with basil (recipe has plum tomatoes, but this was in the fridge without a purpose, so…)

1 tbsp chopped oregano (from the garden, growing nicely)

1 tbsp thyme leaves (ditto)

2 bay leaves

2 tsp caster sugar (I used granulated – as I do in most things – not able to tell the difference…)

1 litre vegetable stock

160g stale sourdough bread (retrieved from the freezer, after a not terribly successful attempt at making it…)

400g tin of chickpeas

4 tbsp basil pesto (equated to most of a jar)

4 garlic and herb sausages – chopped

about 100g of bacon lardons


1. Fry the onion and fennel in some olive oil for about 5 minutes. Add to slow cooker

2. Fry off bacon lardons for 1 minute. Add to slow cooker.

3. Add everything else.

4. Medium heat for about 4 hours.

I love my slow cooker. Mr E. and I managed about 5 small portions between us yesterday afternoon and evening…