Car games: Church-spotting

This game has developed over many a long journey visiting family and friends around the UK.
It’s pretty straightforward – if you spot a church building (or any other place of religious worship), the first to announce ‘ church spot’ wins that point.

On the subject of points – almost as much fun can be had debating a scoring system.

Should it just be one per building spotted, or should there be some kind of rarity factor applied?

For example, on this basis the base score should be something like 1 point for an Anglican church, 2 for Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic etc. After that it’s all a bit tentative – 7 for a Kingdom Hall, 10 for a mosque?

Should there then be a geographical factor applied to point-scoring? E.g. fewer points for a mosque-spot if you are in the East End of London?
We also nominally award bonus points for unusual names and church minibus spots.
As I said – long journeys….