Snow! and crochet frustration….

We ‘popped’ down to South London yesterday evening for DVD and a lovely dinner with Sister-in-Law-the-Younger – which was lovely once we got there.. but encountered two sources of frustration. 

1) The Blackwall Tunnel – waiting in line for the best part of an hour, before deciding to make our way out of the queue (providentially we were quite close to the slip road) and go via the Rotherhithe – reminded me of many, many late nights waiting to go back through the tunnel after having crossed the river to see Mr.E when we were courting… invariably the tunnel would be down to one lane and so queue barely moving). 

2) My being a numpty when it comes to making up crocheted garments – usually it takes me about three attempts to put the sleeve on properly (I have taken to doing up the seam on the sleeve first now, which helps reduce the number of ‘sleeve wrong way out, but body right way out’ incidents). However, today, I had been quietly pleased with myself for finally finishing the final front side of my sister’s Christmas wrap whilst stuck in the queue for (1) … only to discover when I started to piece together during the DVD that I had put the armhole shaping on the wrong side … and the pattern is not reversible.  ARGH. So… unpick, unpick, unpick.

We won’t miss the Blackwall at all when we move North in a few months, although suspect that we may get snow a little more often… (four hours to do a 16 mile journey on the way back = not fun….)